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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Achilles Tendinopathy

I didn't go birding on Monday, loads of things needed sorting, the main one being my Achilles Tendinopathy which I have self-diagnosed. Someone I know who read my blog yesterday, very kindly emailed me with advice on how to manage this painful condition, for which I am very grateful. I needed a 'heel aligning insole'. After much research on the net I purchased from Boots the chemist (the late opening store on Hardwick Ind. Est) this evening a pair of "Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotic" and carefully cut these to fit my 'Northface' trainers.

I could have gone down the podiatrist route, but found out today that the waiting list to see one via my GP or my work physio is 3 months! You would have thought the route would have been quicker through work, but this is not the case! I will still request to see one as this is obviously a free service, but meanwhile I need to manage this myself. I have all the exercises that my work physio gave me for my recent ligament damage and these are the same exercises I need for this condition, so that's ok. Hopefully these new insoles will help, trying them on feels good anyway.

I have realised that you simply can not wear walking boots of any description. Anything against the back of the ankle is torture, however comfortable your boot is and mine are (normally). The only low cut trainers I have for walking are my summer 'Northface' ones which are brilliant, but not really sturdy enough for winter, plus they are really old now and don't stay dry anymore. So now on the look out for heavenly winter walking shoes/trainers.

Looking back, my treks out to East Hills are probably to blame, combined with me being overweight (being honest): jumping over creeks to get out there and removal of my size 4 wellingtons at the end. I bought them half a size smaller purposely, so that they wouldn't come off in the mud, which worked, but were agony to remove at the finish!

Those 'Le Chameau' wellies cost a bomb too, anyone want to buy them? If you are interested, they are a size bigger than your normal size, I am normally size five and a half. So these are the right size for someone who is a UK size 5 – email me at if interested.

Re-scheduled my hair appointment for Tuesday morning, as I realised I could be driving home from sea-watching on Wednesday when my appointment at 6pm was!

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