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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Holme NWT After Work!

Thousands of birds in Norfolk again today. Just imagine how many more would be found if it was the weekend!!! Goodness knows what's still undiscovered out there! Devastated to be at work this week, absolutely devastated! No time to get to coast before work and by the time I have got through the traffic at night I end up with half an hour on the coast before dusk.

Went slightly further this evening and decided to blitz Holme NWT Forestry after hours (REBEL!) Riddled with Goldcrests and Robins in the failing light, Blackbirds and a few Song Thrushes. Managed to flush a fabulous Short-eared Owl at 6.15pm. Also spotted a big Thrush sp. that got away, no doubt someone will find that tomorrow – White's Thrush I expect!

There are far too many hours and days until Saturday when I have a week off – seems to be westerlies next week – not good! If someone can lift my spirits to tell me next week is going to be awesome, please tell me! Just read some very interesting predictions about next week HERE – cheered up no end now!

I can't believe the massive numbers of migrants dropping into our county over the last couple of days and more tomorrow!

105 Ring Ouzels on Blakeney Point, yesterday!!!! That must be a record surely?

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