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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve!

I nearly didn't bother posting, but felt I should write something on the last day of my holiday. I didn't feel very well this morning, so didn't go out. However, by the afternoon I felt like escaping somewhere, even if it was only for a short while. The weather has been gloomy all day.

I went to Sculthorpe Moor Nature Reserve to try and see the kingfisher, but failed – it didn't show at all whilst I was here. Bumped into Richard B. and between us, we put the world to rights!!! Common Buzzard and Kestrel on the way back, not much else, too late in the day. The Fen Hide pool has had its front edge scraped out, resulting in lovely muddy edges for waders – looks really good! Just need to cut back a few reeds on the left for the kingfishers and it will all be perfect! Also a huge dyke is being dug out in front of the Whitley Hide which looks brilliant. This reserve is one of the few reserves in Norfolk that is constantly developing and improving its habitats and also the only one that doesn't allow dogs on its reserve at all. So peaceful to spend time on a reserve without hearing a dog barking – I must visit this reserve more regularly. Now Autumn Migration is virtually over (and I missed most of it), its time to get back to normal birding if you know what I mean!

Back to work tomorrow with months of darkness before and after work. Weekend birding only from now on. Roll on Spring! A good opportunity to catch up on pictures on my blog though!

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  1. Hi Penny - thanks for your lovely comments about Sculthorpe Moor. A lot of people work really hard to make ensure we are doing the very best we can for birds of prey and the eco-system on which they depend. We'd love to see you more often!