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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Made Me Smile!

A local birder posted the following on Birdforum today:

"Penny, I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the last couple of weeks. Very informative, news-filled, interesting and fun to read. Thanks very much for taking the time to update it daily. It must take up ages of your time and it shows great dedication to birding that you do. Thanks very much also for your touching tribute to Derek Moore OBE who I met at a local bird-club meeting about a year ago. Lovely chap and I can see why he will be dearly missed........"

This took me by surprise and really cheered me up when I read this!!! Thanks Steve!

Not having a particularly good week, so far. Can't say much more than that, but let's just say I am at a important crossroads in life with decisions to be made. Will update about this when I am able to!

This is the third day I have returned home to find dog cr*p, in more or less exactly the same spot in my gravel drive, right next to where I get out of the car. I don't see why I have to clear it up and put it in MY wheelie bin!!! So angry. This does not normally happen, so am guessing a new neighbour with dog has arrived on the estate who is being totally selfish. Posted this on facebook and someone suggested getting a camera trap set up, I will do this if it carries on. However I can't do what some of them suggested to do with the dog cr*p. Its different if you are female and live alone. If I was a big burly bloke and posted stuff through someone's letter box etc, I probably wouldn't get too much of a response, but being female, I would probably get a brick back through my window. I'm coming back a big burly man in the next life I can tell you!!!

My father will be 88 years old on Sunday, so I'm sure we'll all be having the usual family get together. He's done well to make it this far since his stroke. If he hadn't had the stroke and not suffered with his Macular Degeneration so badly, I'm sure he would have made a 100! It's so sad when someone loses part of their character through loss of cognition, but thankfully he has still retained some of his sharp sense of humour!

Looking forward to the weekend!

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