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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hair, Shoes & Rolling Seas at Cley!

A very productive day! Lashing down with rain this morning and strong winds but the sun did come out a couple of times. In Hairdressers for most of the morning. Looked for walking shoes in King's Lynn, but either couldn't find any I liked or they hadn't got my size. Changed my dodgy, leaking kettle (still under guarantee) at Tescos for a nice shiny new one – I don't have a lot of luck with kettles – not made like they were in the old days! Went home, quick lunch and out again to Holt. Went into Siddalls shoe shop in the high street where I found a very expensive pair of walking trainers, but again not in my size! Walked into Morston Town and Country Clothing Store and tried on a pair of Grisport Women's Dartmoor Hiking Shoes which I immediately fell in love with – made in Italy and felt instantly comfortable (with my new insole) and looked a very sturdy, strong shoe, suitable for walking to Blakeney Point! Plus they were loads cheaper than others I had been trying on today! They sold Northface boots/shoes in here too which I am a big fan of, but the traditional leather shoe won me over. Very happy with these and lots of good reviews on Amazon I noticed this evening.

Now for some birding!

It was sunny with dark clouds and the winds remained strong. Went to Walsey Hills NOA where I didn't see a single bird. A birder who had just come out as I walked in there, had only seen a goldcrest. Went to Cley churchyard as the pager informed me there was a Black Redstart in there. I eventually found it by a green shed, where it then flew up onto the church roof at 5.15pm. I only managed a distant record shot. I spent a little while trying to get closer views and pictures, but couldn't find this pretty little bird again.

Whizzed up to coastguards, Cley. As I drove along Beach Road, the waves were rolling above the horizon!!! The sea looked fearsome! Parked up on the beach car park to find Eddie, Mark G. and Andy J. sea-watching along with a couple of other birders. In the short time that I was here, I managed to see 3 Arctic Skuas fairly close in, heading east. The others had seen Bonxies, Little Gulls, Kittiwakes and Pomarine Skuas, but can't remember how many. The winds were still west, but supposed to be North West at some point this evening and then all day tomorrow. It was thought with the sea as it was and before it changes to NW, that the carpark could well be shut in the morning because of flooding. Its just so exhilarating when the waves are this big. I crunched over the shingle to stand next to the waves and took a video – the roaring noise of the sea was almost deafening and it was a job to stand up. Walked back to my car and had a coffee – the car was rocking in the wind! Drove home, made some cheese scones and got ready for tomorrow's big bird day!

Video and pictures to be added

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