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Sunday, 2 November 2014

88 Today!

Happy Birthday to My Father!

BAKE OFF Morning!!! I spent the entire morning baking! I made Sultana Scones, Cheese Scones and Banana Loaf Cake. I would have normally have gone over to my parent's in the morning, but Mother is too stressed out nowadays to cope with us all there at lunchtime, so we all decided to go after lunch instead. I picked Lucy up at 2pm and Vivien had arrived at Holme a short while before we did. It's not often the entire family is altogether, so it was a really nice day until a bit later!

Father had loads of presents to open! Mostly chocolates (at his request) and a selection of bed socks. My slippers fitted, thank goodness. Father LOVED the bell I bought him and smiled with glee! Mother however, was NOT impressed at all and said she would be hiding it up later! My home baking was very popular and I was chuffed that father ate both a cheese and sultana scone for his tea and also a piece of banana cake – he said 'they were very nice' – father has become very fussy with what he eats lately. Quite sad to only see 4 cards from all of us and only another from Malcolm and Eileen. I suppose most of his friends have passed away to be fair, but there are still a few left that would normally have sent a card. I know he can't see very well, but it's the thought that counts. Father could hear my nightingale card (that I bought from Titchwell RSPB yesterday), but commented that it didn't sound like one – mother couldn't hear it all and I had to open the card right next to her ear for her to hear it! Father was in quite good spirits and seemed pleased to see us all, but got me in massive trouble later. He asked if we could turn his mattress on his bed over for him as it felt lumpy. He knew mother wouldn't do it as she hates moving anything around and to be fair the bed is in an awkward place against a wall. So, when Mother went upstairs I attempted to do this as quickly as possible. I have never seen so many layers on a mattress!!! Mattress protector, sheet, blanket, another protector, sheet – I couldn't remember what order it was supposed to be after I turned the mattress. Vivien did her best to keep Mother occupied in the other room, but..... suddenly she appeared in the room and went absolutely beserk! That's the last time I turn that mattress!

After things had calmed, we lit the coffee cake with eight candles, sung Happy Birthday and father managed to blow them all out, just about. He commented 'my last one' – so sad to hear him say that. He is starting to look frail now though and walks even worse than he usually does. He nearly missed the chair when he sat down and I just managed to support him in time. He's what known in my terms at work as a 'sneaker in' – someone that goes to sit on a chair long before they have got close enough to sit down safely. Lucy, Vivien and I atttempted to take a 'selfie' with father – didn't come out too bad really! Because Mother can't hear most of what father is saying, it's becoming really difficult for him – he said he has 'no-one to talk to now' and said 'she was doing it on purpose' (not getting her ears sorted out). I am going to be ringing Mother's GP surgery this week and ask them to come out and syringe her ears – she's never going to do it and it's not fair for this to carry on week after week, just because she is so stubborn!

We cleared up and washed up. Scones and cake were distributed and we had all left by 8pm. Took Lucy home and Vivien whizzed home to Ely in her little car. Vivien's birthday next week!

Can't believe I have only had an hour's birding the entire weekend! It's going to be a long week at work! Roll on Saturday!


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