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Friday, 7 November 2014

The Weekend!

Have not posted much this week, apart from the usual bird news whilst I have been at work. It's been a difficult week, due to more ailments etc. So, aswell as dealing with my achilles tendinopathy in my ankle, I now have the same thing in my right elbow! Hurts to even lift a cup of coffee. Went to GP who recommended pain relief and not much else really. My right ear is also painful for some reason and I have heartburn daily at the moment and also feel constantly exhausted. So I'm feeling really healthy right now!!!

I have had several fabulous emails from blog readers this week, thanking me for all my efforts with my blog and how much they enjoy reading it. I will reply to you all invidividually, but have been feeling run down this week and not had time to reply yet, but thank you so much, it is hugely appreciated.

What a week for sea birds its been! Just a pity I was at work, but that's the way it goes. The Humpback Whale is still around today at Walcott and I'm sure will be a popular destination this weekend! Carl Chapman believes this is the same Humpback Whale that visited Norfolk last year and wrote the following after being lucky enough to see the whale this week: "What I did see of the tail fluke pattern, which like a fingerprint is unique to each Humpback, gave me confidence to announce that it was the same individual that had visited us last year despite it being some 5kms distant." A Desert Wheatear turned up at Gorleston today which will also draw the crowds in the morning if it hasn't done a Friday night bunk that is! Via the NARVOS website: 10 waxwings flew over a garden in Narborough today.

Saturday – Southerly winds, turning South east around 4pm. Mainly dry with some sunny spells during the morning. Becoming cloudy in the afternoon with rain, heavy at times, spreading in from the southwest later. Becoming windy.

Sunday –  South west winds all day. Lighter winds with sunny spells and a few heavy showers.

High Tides – Wells Bar
Saturday: 6.41 and 19.06    Sunday: 7.24 and 19.42

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