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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Father In A&E Again!!!

So, the stress continues with no let up. Phone call from my Mother at around 7.15pm – she was frantic with worry, never heard her like that before. Father had been sitting, when his eyes rolled and lurched all over the place – Mother described it as though he looked like he wanted to attack her, then he went silent, pale and just motionless and other stuff that's not appropriate to talk about. Instructed her to phone 999 and I flew like the wind to Holme.

As I drove along their road, I could see the ambulance and thought the worst and felt sick. In the house, he was still alive, but looked dreadful with grey face. He had been sick and was sick again with what looked like coffee ground vomiting. Mother hysterical – so much so that she was unable to go in the ambulance, so I helped her get herself together and we followed the ambulance about 20 minutes later. Here we go again for another 48 hours stint of no sleep. Parked up and joined Father in the same M7 cubicle in A&E at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, as he was a few weeks back. He was sick again and we were told he had been sick in the ambulance on route, so four times in all. Mother and I sat there with him for hours. Nurses came and went and eventually a doctor came to assess. I was horrified when the A&E doctor pointed out that his metal clips were still in his hip and that they should have been take out after a maximum of 10 days maximum – any longer that that means risk of infection and the clips becoming embedded and painful to remove – now on day 35!!!!! I won't talk about this any further and what is happening and what I will be doing, as I am beyond angry and heads are going to roll big time.

Father eventually got moved to the Medical Assessment Unit, where we said goodnight and left. Took Mother home and I got back to King's Lynn at 4.15am. Tried to sleep but didn't.

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