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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Busy, Busy Day!

I didn't sleep well at all, everything racing through my mind. Got up early, had breakfast in the restaurant (getting used to this!) and then went into town to buy a hairdryer, some clothes rails, free clothes hangers from Dorothy Perkins and M&S, as all mine have been thrown. You wouldn't think smoke would affect clothes hangers, but as I discovered, smoke affects every single item in your house. Went to buy Father two pairs of lighter weight trousers and this time, he will be wearing them! Next stop to the laundrettes (such an exciting day, when I should be out in the sunshine, looking for early Spring migrants!) to collect my duvets, pillows and camera bags.

Back to my house to continue putting all my furniture and possessions back to how they were. Unloaded the car and continued to sort the house until after lunch. My sister Vivien was doing Mother's food shopping for her, as Mother can't leave the house at the moment. I picked up a couple of things that Vivien couldn't get and went to visit everyone at Holme. As I drove through Hunstanton it looked like a bank holiday Monday! The warm sunshine had brought the crowds out! Picked up a cheese & onion pasty from the bakers in 'sunny hunny' which wasn't particularly appetising, but it filled a gap. At Holme, both Father and Mother were dozing, both whacked out from the difficulties they now both face. I didn't really see much of Vivien, which was a pity. I cut Father's finger nails for him (I do a better job than M.!) Told Father about the five Garganey at Titchwell and tried to get him interested, but he just looked so sad, which is hardly surprising is it – he can hardly see and now is he is almost immobile and relying on Mother to stern him back and forth from the chair, commode and bed – not much of a life. I showed him some excercises for his legs, so they don't seize up, hope he does them. A District Nurse should have come out yesterday to give Father a Clexane injection, but they didn't turn up until today and when they did, they hinted that Mother could do this and they would show her how..... NO, she won't be as far as I'm concerned – she has enough on her plate, it's not her job to be doing that and she was worried about this. I will be straight on the phone, if she is pressurised into doing this and the mood I'm in, it won't be a pleasant conversation!

Collected all my personal items from Mother's box room and loaded into my car and took back to my house, unpacked and put everything away. Heated up some soup with two slices of toast and watched the second half of 'The Voice' and then returned to the hotel for the last night and breakfast. I might, just might go birding tomorrow before I completely have a break down, although I feel like I am already to be honest. It sounds so lovely to hear that five Garganey have been found at Titchwell and a Turtle Dove was heard singing at Kelling – how wonderful that Spring has begun! Also someone saw and photographed several Adders, fresh out from hibernation.

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