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Monday, 9 March 2015

House Update!

I left my Premier Inn Hotel of two weeks and returned home with the rest of my belongings. My house still smelt of the revolting fumigating smell, which is as equally as repulsive as the smoke smell. After putting everything away as best I could, I had a catnap for half an hour. I then did something crazy. I wanted to get my scopes and bins checked out at CleySpy, so drove all the way to Cley – now this is normally a journey that means nothing to me, but because of my state of mind currently, I found this journey extremely difficult and tiring. On arrival I had to shut my eyes for a few minutes before getting out of the car. The weather looked dire, spitting with rain and dark clouds. I walked into the shop to get my gear checked. My telescope case smelt of the fumigating stuff and Andrew described it as a 'kind of toilet smell' – a perfect description! He sprayed some Febreze cleaner onto the case, wrapped it in a plastic bag and told me to rinse it out the following morning and it would smell lovely. It did too!!! I had heard this fantastic tip from someone else recently.

Went to the Cley Deli and bought some vege things and ginger & pear cake and then parked up at Coastguards. It was now lashing down with rain and was set in for the rest of the day. Very sadly I didn't even get out of the car. I could see Brent Geese and Golden Plover through the steamy car window and that was it.

Re-located to Beach Road, Salthouse where the rain had decreased to light spitting. A Barn Owl flew past me alongside the fenceline. I felt so low in mood, I couldn't bring myself to walk to Gramborough Hill, but I did scan the fields in hope of finding a Wheatear, but no luck. Got back in the car and drove home.

Slept badly on my camp bed and woke up cold on Monday morning – white frost covered the car. Back at work I found it extremely difficult to get through the day. Rainbow Cleaning team phoned me to arrange my first lot of emergency clothes to be returned, but now I am back at work, they can't deliver them late in the day, so they will deliver them on Saturday now. Went food shopping after work which cost a fortune as I have not been for over two weeks. Got home and struggled to cook dinner, but managed and had my first proper dinner in ages. Discussions with Vivien about how we are going to share the shopping trips between us, being as Mother can't leave the house and decided whether she likes it or not that we are going to do on-line shopping for her sometimes. Norfolk First Support Care Agency have decided to stop coming out as from late today as Mother is 'managing well' – this is good in some ways, but bad in others. She won't be able to look after Father as he is now, day after day after day – way too much for her. I will have to relieve her at weekends every now and again, otherwise she will lose her mind.

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