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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mother's Day!

This weekend seems to have disappeared like magic. Yesterday, I had to stay in for the Rainbow Cleaning Team to deliver some of my clothes back and have another inspection of the smoke situation in my house. I had to spend the rest of the day, catching up with important jobs that had to be done. Booked MOT for next week, paid some bills etc.

Today I spent with my family for Mother's Day. Bought Mother two bunches of mixed flowers, a card and some food items. It was the first time the whole family has been together since Father has been home which was nice, although chaotic! Father enjoyed his fish 'n' chips, although he only managed half. He is so fed-up and emotional, which is obvious really – from walking badly with a stick and poor vision, he is now restricted to sitting in an armchair, commode or bed – what kind of life is that for him – so sad. The wheelchair clinic is coming out fairly soon to assess for a chair, which means after ramps are put in place (takes ages to get done) at least we can get him outside in the sunshine when the weather warms up. I strictly told him not to refuse to have a wheelchair when offered, as this is the only way he will get outside – think he understood, just hope he remembers what I have said when they come out!

I tried to get Mother to go out for a walk, so she could have a break, but she wouldn't go – she was too tired to make the effort. I really don't know how she is managing, but she seems to be. Obviously very early days yet and she will need to have some breaks, otherwise she will lose the plot.

Lots of things going on in March – hairdressers this week, free firecheck from local firemen!, Supermoon, Eclipse of the Sun, MOT, parent's wedding anniversary, change my crappy iphone 5s (with speaker problems), attempt to put some pictures on my blog!!!

Pager bleeped up about a White-tailed Eagle that had arrived in Norfolk and when Eddie rang me to say he had seen it at Warham, I was off!!! See previous post.

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