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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


I am sooooooo fed-up with the customer service from TalkTalk which is non-existant. For several weeks now, I have not been able to send any emails, which has lost me money on photos requests etc. Neither TalkTalk or Apple are able to solve my problem. I have spend hours trying to solve it myself. This is the message which comes up when I open Apple Mail 4.6 (I'm using MacBook Pro laptop and OS 10.6.8). The Sent box in mail is constantly whirring round. Can't send an email to myself or anyone else. All account settings checked with TalkTalk – mind you, they change with each person you speak to. They havn't got a clue what they are doing.
It was passed on to the 'Technical Team', who have been constantly ringing my landline during the day I discovered, on returning home from work this evening! I mean, do they think I'm a lady that lunches?! NO I bl**dy go to work, FULL TIME!!!! Then I get a text message saying the following:

"We have tried to contact you by telephone on a number of occasions to try and discuss your recent complaint. Unfortunately, we have been unable to speak to you and have not received a reply to our messages. If we do not hear from you in 28 days, we will assume that everything has been resolved and therefore close your complaint down on our records."

Well, for a start, they have not left any messages on my landline. So I reply to the above text and guess what? It's one of those aggravating text messages that allows them to text you with whatever they want, but YOU are not able to text them back!!!!!!!!!!! ANGRY is an understatement! Now...... if they can text my mobile, why can't they RING my mobile – I have had no missed calls on my mobile today! Hmmmmm....... let me guess, its going to cost them money to ring my mobile. Well, TalkTalk – its COST me money, alot of money, not having my email account working properly. GET IT SORTED PLEASE!

I have linked this post to @TalkTalkCare on twitter, so hopefully the above will passed on to the technical team dealing with me. If you are reading this, please don't ring my landline during my working day, I'm not there!!! Ring after 5pm or ring my mobile – its quite simple!

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