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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Weekend Update!

I've had a weekend of chilling, or laziness, whichever you would like to call it! Went to visit my Father with Mother yesterday at Summerville Care Home. Father was quite sleepy, but at least there was no shouting. Vivien was there too and had helped him eat an egg sandwich for his tea, just before we arrived. We took father into the garden in his wheelchair for a short time before we left. Vivien, Mother and I then returned to Holme for the evening.

I don't do hot weather and queues of traffic, so stayed at home today and tackled the garden, which is like a jungle. Made a good start on the front garden, but still lots more to do and then I need to find where the back garden is!!!

I have been spending far too much time trying to solve my Apple Mail problem. I still havn't sorted it. I can receive emails, but can't send via Apple Mail, which I have been doing for years. My sent box says emails have been sent with date and time, with no indication that the recipient has not actually received them. I think this problem has been going on for longer than I realised, possibly back to May, which would explain why I have not had replies from a good number of people. TalkTalk said I can use Webmail whilst sorting this, but that doesn't work either! TalkTalk Webmail has a In Box, but no Send Box!!! I will contact TalkTalk and Apple for the last time tomorrow evening, after that I will have to pay someone to sort it for me.

Its going to be a hot week, but luckily I have a long weekend coming up! I'm off this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The Quail reported in paddocks at Fenway, Heacham is yards from where my Father is – hope to hear that this week!

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