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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Weekend Update!

There is a lot of serious stuff going on at the moment. Things I can't talk about properly yet as not appropriate. The last few weeks has been far, far worse than having to put my father into a care home in May. I would describe it as a roller coaster that has been de-railed and that's putting it mildly.

Someone in my family has been diagnosed with a serious illness, which has mean't appointments, tests, scans, x-rays and more tests and all in a short space of time. It has rocked our world completely. To add to all of this, they had to have a planned, but emergency operation this week and are still in hospital, but recovering well.

So, no, I have not been birding lately. In normal circumstances I would have gone to see the Brancaster Hoopoe and hopefully obtained some pleasing shots, but missing out on seeing that was not on my mind at all. Apologies to anyone that has emailed me, I have not had the time to reply yet.

All of the stress and emotion brought on a stinker of a cold/virus, sore throat, temperature and insanely tickling, hacking cough with sleepless nights, of which I have now had enough of!!!

Went to visit my father on Thursday evening – he was quiet, but soon perked up when I produced chocolate! Helped him to drink his coffee and hopefully plan to visit him this weekend too.

One more week at work and then on Saturday 8th October, I have two mega birding weeks off!!! Can't wait! I notice the winds switch east next week, just need to cross my fingers that it continues!

Hopefully I will be out birding for a while tomorrow, in the forecast sunshine. I need some me time.

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