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Wednesday 27 December 2017

TV Mechanic? Maybe NOT Penelope!!!

After my first day back at work, I settled down to watch the second part of 'Little Women' at 8pm. Within seconds of the programme commencing, the volume plummeted down to zero all by itself! Tried to operate the remote control and managed to get the volume up, but a gremlin decided to play around and the volume went up, down and then plummeted down to zero again without me even touching it! After changing the batteries in the remote control and lots more little tests I gave up for a moment. I don't like being beaten, so I then 'googled' the problem and discovered that several people had had the same issues with their Samsung TV's and one very clever person had seemingly solved the problem...... so I bravely followed their instructions: unscrewed the back of the TV and carefully removed the back (after a long search for the correct screwdrivers) – quite fascinating all the wires and boards behind the plastic cover! Removed the three little wires that connect from the motherboard to the side panel, which allows you to switch the TV on/off, change channels and volume control – this would then mean that you wouldn't be able to use the side panel anymore (I don't use it anyway and is no loss) and that the remote control would now work normally again and the volume control would be restored. After mislaying a couple of screws and eventually finding them, I managed to put the TV back together again, phew!

I felt really chuffed and felt really clever that I had managed to do this!!! I felt a bit worried about switching it on again, in case it blew up, but excited at the same time! My excitement quickly crumpled to doom and gloom! Switched TV on, to find no volume at all and with the added addition of the TV flicking through the channels: Number 1 to 2, to 3 and so on all the way to one thousand and something and then back to 1, to 2 and so on forever!!! With no picture and no sound, I think I can safely conclude the TV has bloody well DIED!!!😡😩😭

New Year's Eve is going to be very quiet, just me and no TV, great!!! At least I'm working during the day! Oh well, it will give me a chance to catch up on lots of jobs.😒


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