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Tuesday 14 March 2023

Mid Week Update: Moths, Butterflies, Norwich Museum & Tooth Extraction!

My father had a large collection of pinned moths and butterflies from the 60's, which my sisters and I have inherited. Not something I agree with, but many people did this back in the day. I can remember my sisters and I being fascinated by my father's collection, which he occasionally allowed us to look at! They have been kept fairly well in typical wooden, latched boxes with moth balls – none of us really want them now and I felt they needed to be preserved properly and donated to a local museum. I feel that my father would have been very pleased with my decision. This also means that any member of the public will be able to view them, once they have been preserved properly etc – this may mean an appointment though, as they won't necessarily be out on display.

I recently contacted Dr David Waterhouse, who is Senior Curator of Natural History at Norfolk Museums Service and asked if I could donate the collection to Norwich Museum. After emailing pictures of the collection – he replied "We would certainly like to have this collection. There are lots of good county records, particularly of migrant species, which should be present in the collection. It is also material evidence of one of the longest running regular trapping projects in Norfolk. All in all it is a pretty important collection of butterflies and moths!

I have been planning to contact Norwich Museum for a while, but have been putting off doing it, as didn't fancy the drive over to Norwich with boxes of pinned moths and butterflies, so was extremely pleased, when David offered to send over Dr Tony Irwin to collect them, which he did today! Another box ticked!

* * * * *

I really miss going birding, can't remember the last time I went, I'm getting serious withdrawal symptoms now! Some very big news will be revealed either tomorrow evening or within the next few days and then you will know why I haven't been able to go birding!

Lots of appointments today, including a tooth extraction this evening – a tooth that was poorly looked after by a previous rubbish dentist surgery: a root filling that wasn't done properly and its been painful to touch ever since, so decided it needed to come out, all good fun!

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