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Thursday 2 March 2023


As I'm sure some of you will recall, I recently had several RAR paintings I purchased, remounted and framed at Picturecraft in Holt – the service was extremely professional and the results were absolutely stunning to say the least.

I took the plunge and decided to re-mount and frame some of my late parent's collection of RAR's, particularly all the framed ones, which had been very poorly mounted and had resulted in acidic damage to varying degrees. The longer they were left in this state, the more they would deteriorate. On hindsight, I should have taken the paintings out of these frames, as soon as my sisters and I took them out of our family home – I suppose I didn't, because of childhood memories of every one of these pictures and not wanting to remove the familiar frames. 

Anyway, I took them over to Picturecraft and with creative expertise from Lucy and owners Michael and Teresa Hill, they are going to look pretty amazing when they are all completed! One of the paintings being re-framed is below:

This was one of a set of two paintings – the second one being sold at Keys Auctioneers on 6th September 2013 (see below) and titled 'Garden Birds'! If you own the painting below, I would be extremely appreciative if I could purchase this from you, so it can be reunited with its sister painting – email: Understandably, you more than probably don't want to sell this iconic painting, but could I please ask, that if you ever do decided to depart with it, that you would consider giving me the opportunity to purchase it, before selling to others or putting into auction, thank you very much.


Michael is incredibly knowledgeable and informed me that a engraved print (above) I emailed to him of a "Bluebreast" (Bluethroat) is an antique hand-coloured wood engraving by Rev. Francis Orpen Morris (1851-1903) which was published in ‘A History of British Birds’. This picture was left to my father in the will of the late Vivien Leather, from Leiston in Suffolk. Michael also told me that a Jack Snipe (pair) engraving of my father's (below), is a hand-coloured antique engraving, printed circa 1860! Both of these have are in poor mounts and frames and I will eventually get these re-framed too.

If you are looking to get your prized artworks or paintings re-framed, I can highly recommend their excellent service and personal approach, to ensure your paintings are mounted and framed to the highest order. Every painting they have framed for me, has brought a tear to my eye!

Their website and information is here:

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