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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Warham Greens, Friary Hills and Cley!

Field west of the track at Warham Greens.

Warham Greens

It was torture being at work this morning. The second my shift finished I was off! Got home and got myself out of the house as soon as possible. Looking at RBA's website, I hadn't missed anything really - apart from ring ouzels. I wanted to do something different, so decided to go to Gun Hill. When I arrived at the parking spot just outside Burnham Overy Staithe I scanned with bins to see too many people and dogs for my liking so changed my mind! Besides, it looked like too long a walk after I had been racing round on the ward all morning! No, what I needed was some good birds and a short walk! Plan B: Warham Greens - don't know which track I went down, all I can tell you is that its the track that feels like a rollercoaster when driving along in my car in first gear! - its opposite the house thats stands on its own and its the track where the 'East Hills' lads set out from. In fact when I got to the concrete pad or should I say up, there were two cars here. Shortly after starting my walk along the track I spied Mr James McCallum and friend! James had been to East Hills and 'hadn't had much really' - not the day they had expected (or words to that effect). The track looked particularly pretty with apple blossom, white thorn and buds emerging. I only saw linnets, two blackbirds that should have been ring ouzels and heard a couple of blackcaps singing, but still a lovely walk.

Track along Warham Greens.

Friary Hills

It was beautiful here early evening. Bees were buzzing amongst the ground ivy flowers and birds were whizzing about all over the place. Several Cettis's Warblers singing here. Blackbirds and a song thrush collecting food, great tits, blue tits, greenfinches, goldfinches, Chaffinches, Chiffchaffs etc. I was at the very far end and had just climbed the wooden steps when I heard an exciting 'Chack chack' - looked in the tall trees to see two Ring Ouzels 5.50pm who then flew to the large Sycamore by the gate. (left message at RBA) They were not hanging about and certainly didn't wish to be hounded by the paparazzi! My picture of one of them has got to be the worse ring ouzel picture ever, mind you, you can just about see the white of the neck collar! A marsh harrier cruised round the marsh, scattering a few birds.

Bluetit, Friary Hills NT.

Chaffinch, Friary Hills NT.

Cley Coastguards

I had to get my 'sea fix' as didn't get one yesterday. So glad I came here, I counted at least 11 Wheatears on the Eye Field, 3 Golden Plovers, 16 Linnets balancing on the fence wires and several meadow pipits and skylarks. Lots of Sandwich Terns going overhead to Blakeney Point. The most spectacular sunset this evening. The sun was an amazing pink colour, the only way to describe it accurately is that it was a 'neon' night clubby pink!!! As it was setting, dark blue streaky lines emerged across it - amazing. For some reason it was incredibly difficult to capture on the camera, I did manage to obtain one shot of how the colour truly was.

Little Ringed Plover, near North Scrape Hide.

Golden Plover, Eye Field, Cley.

Sunset from Coastguards, Cley-next-Sea.

Same sunset, but dramatised in photoshop.


News from Holme this evening: from NOA website "Highlights today were an Osprey which flew through west at 9am"

Nightingales have been heard singing at Pott Row near King's Lynn and an Arctic Tern seen at Pentney Gravel Pits.

Pied Flycatcher has been seen at Hellesdon, Norfolk today.

I have been asked this evening by a work colleague to do her early 'handover' shift tomorrow which is brilliant news for me, as this means I will be finishing work an hour and a half earlier than normal!

Weather looks good for tomorrow afternoon!!!: "Another generally dry day with sunny spells after early mist patches, just isolated afternoon showers possible. Warm in the sunshine inland but an onshore breeze keeping coasts somewhat cooler."

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