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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Snettisham Coastal Park

Chiffchaff at Snettisham Coastal park this evening.

As I walked out of work this evening and turned my iphone on I was very disappointed to see on the RBA website that the eagle had departed as I had intended on going out in hope of seeing this.

So instead went to Snettisham Coastal Park in hope of hearing my first Grasshopper Warbler of the year. Arrived at just before 6.30pm - a glorious warm sunny evening with lots of bird action including 6 Swallows, several Willow Warblers singing 'down the scale' Chiffchaffs also singing in abundance, parties of Goldfinches and Linnets, my first Wheatear of the year (at last!) and several Sandmartins. Sadly no Grasshopper Warbler though. Tons of dogs and owners somewhere and the usual dog crap on the ground and in little plastic bags hanging on trees everywhere (WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!!!) Do they really think that someone is going to come round collecting them all up - NO - take it home yourself - this really winds me up - I have yet to catch someone doing this red handed - this is the main reason why I don't go to Snettisham Coastal Park very often as you spend so much time looking on the ground rather than at birds!

Must be a record for me – adding pictures to the post on the same day!!!

Stunning sunset tonight at Snettisham

First two pictures taken with Apple iphone - the rest with Canon 7D.


  1. I avoid doggy places too! In my case Whitlingham Country Park.

    Have read Connor Rand's "gripping" eagle blog

  2. Cracking sunset pictures Penny. Your mention of Snettisham Coastal Park brings back memories as it used to be one of my ringing sites along with Snettisham Common in the mid 1980s. And don't get me started on dog crap and dog walkers!



  3. I think its very unfair you should tar all dog walkers/owners with the same brush. I walk 2 dogs and always pick up after them as do all my friends. Its actually a minority of uncaring people who don't pick up. Its like saying all old people are doddery and get under your feet !! They aren't and don't ! Please think before you start ripping into dogs owners.
    Bright Blessings. Autumn

    1. I did not 'tar all dog walkers/owners with the same brush' - but there are so many dogs now and this is increasing year on year and the fact is that sadly there ARE alot of owners that do not clear up. Of course there are responsible dog owners, but many are not, certainly not here in Norfolk anyway. Dog crap at Snettisham Coastal Park is certainly not in the minority! On the subject of 'old people' - I have the utmost respect - I work with 'old people' every day in my job.

      Best Wishes Penny