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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The Day After

Vivien and I didn't get much sleep last night for various reasons. We have spent the day operating in slow motion and remain extremely emotional – we can't stop crying. A lovely lady from Tapping House phoned us to see how we were and to offer us counselling. We had to collect the death certificate from the surgery and have booked an appointment this week to register the death. I somehow managed to cook lunch for Vivien and I and Vivien made the tea today.

NRS collected the bed and other equipment mid afternoon. After they left, I transformed the room completely. The room was so depressing and we had to do something mammoth to blank our thoughts. So, I managed to move the piano by myself (Cilla, you would have been impressed!), from the hall, through to the dining room and in front of the fireplace – added some ornaments on top, placed some music on the stand and it looked really good. I then moved the table and chairs from the kitchen into this room also. The hall then had to be deep cleaned and large spiders removed!

Huge thanks to all the lovely emails and messages, by email, Twitter and Facebook – it is much appreciated. Vivien and I are living at the family home and will be living here for several months whilst we grieve and sort things out. Please be aware that although I can receive emails, I still can't reply back – TalkTalk seem unable to sort this out and I havn't got the mental energy to fight with them about it right now.

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