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Friday 26 December 2014

Boxing Day Birding and Snow Blizzard!

Went to bed late last night which resulted in getting up late this morning. Had breakfast or brunch, whatever you want to call it and then cruised along the A148 to deliver some stuff to a friend and then off to do a bit of birding. No sunshine today, well there was a glimmer of sun for a short while, but most of the day was dull with uninspiring skies and felt colder than of late.

I decided to spend the afternoon at Kelling Water Meadows for a change and hoped to see some Stonechats, if I was lucky. The track was pretty muddy and there were lots of dogwalkers around, but they all seemed pretty well-behaved (the dogs that is!), which was a refreshing change. Considering the weather and the time of day, I ended up with a nice afternoon list.

I was lucky enough to see two (a pair) of unringed Stonechats, towards the end of the path along the brambles and also watched them feeding on the flat area of short turf, next to the shingle seabank. Other birds seen were: large flock of Brent Geese on the far fields by Muckleborough Hill, 9 Curlew, Wigeon, several Teal, a Shoveler, 2 Eygptian Geese, flock of Goldfinches, several Blackbirds in the hedges, Chaffinch, a Reed Bunting bounding across the marsh and 2 Hedgesparrows. I also disturbed a Hare, which was resting in the long grass, up on the hill above the pool – if only I had seen it, before it saw me – it was unbelievably close!

At Cley Coastguards I saw my third Stonechat of the afternoon! Perched on the fenceline in the car park at dusk! Sat and enjoyed a piece of my Carrot Cake with coffee and went home.

Watched the 'Boy in the Dress' starring David Walliams, Kate Moss etc which I really enjoyed. I opened the door to put some rubbish outside and was shocked to see big snow flakes falling!!! Oh dear, really wished I hadn't booked a Nursing Auxilliary shift tomorrow now! I have not worked in my second job for at least a couple of months now, if not more – due to my recent ankle and hand injuries, but the bank balance is hinting that I need to start working again – so back to the grindstone! Will be finished by mid-afternoon tomorrow though. Not working Sunday, so hopefully will be out birding for longer than today!


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