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Monday, 19 October 2015

Difficult Day!

In some respects it was fabulous to back with my collegues and at work. But it was very odd, seeing my Father on my ward, odd and very strange indeed. The good news is he passed his swallow assessment and is allowed to eat. The bad news is that he is so tired, we couldn't even wake him to have lunch. He slept all afternoon. When I returned this evening to visit with Lucy, he was distressed, angry and lashing out, probably due to several obvious reasons, having a stroke, not having any sleep for the last two nights and not having his new tablet for the past two days which settles him. I tried my best to get him to eat his tea, but he refused and got angry, so left it. Lucy and I went to sit in the day room and filled all the food menu cards out for him for the next few days, to let him settle and then returned to his bedside. It took four of us (staff and me) to change him into night attire and change etc. Lucy had bought him some chocolates and a card, but he wasn't in a state of mind to even be aware of them. We were just saying our goodbyes, when he seemed calmer and asked where he was, why and where we were – I explained everything and he got very upset. Soul destroying to see him like this. We left, I took Lucy home and I went home mentally exhausted.


  1. Still thinking of you...
    keep your pecker up, lass!!
    Here, have a virtual hug!!

  2. Was sad to read this Penny. Wishing you and the family well. J

  3. So sorry to hear of your Dad's sad situation Penny. Try and be strong. I hope your mum's coping too.As much as we all love your blogs perhaps take a step back for a bit ,your family need you now. There again I'm sure your blogging is a release and destresser for you. All I'm saying is don't feel your letting us readers down if you go quiet for a bit. We will still be hear waiting Penny.
    Take care David.

  4. You are a phenomenal woman Penny. Your courage and fortitude, your passion and commitment is inspiring. You keep going when all around you makes things tough. I so hope your Dad will be fine and I can only concur with David. stay wonderful.