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Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Update: Birds, Sisters & Chance Of A Photoshoot!

So October is kicking off with James MacCallum finding Norfolk's third Blyth's Pipit!!! Congratulations James and to the other seven people who managed to get there before dusk! Unfortunately I wasn't one of the lucky seven! Anyone going in the morning needs to be VERY careful as the tides tomorrow are extremely high and if you get it wrong, you won't just be cut off, you'll be airlifted out in a body bag!!! Oh and to make it worse, I've just seen on the BBC weather, that its going to be thick fog until 11am! Here is a link to E.T.M's twitter account with a cracking picture of the Blyth's Pipit!

A few Cley birders I spoke to this evening, didn't know anything about or who found the Marsh Sandpiper at Cley today, lets hope its still around tomorrow for us all to see.

Its been a busy, crazy week with the supermoon and eclipse and ended in a two day course in King's Lynn to re-qualify for my St John First Aid at Work Course (I passed). So if anyone takes a turn for the worse tomorrow, its all fresh in my mind!!!

I'm so very proud of my sister Lucy for joining the NSO again to play her violin – a very difficult step to take after all she's been through over the years (long story). Brought tears to my eyes when I took her to orchestra practice this evening. When I dropped her off, she looked so nervous and worried – I hung around for a few minutes (without her knowing) to make sure she was ok and overheard another musician saying 'would you like to be first violin Lucy, so you can show them how its done?' – I couldn't quite hear her reply, but it sounded like 'no', which I totally understand when she hasn't played with other musicians for over nine years! When I picked her up late this evening, she was smiling and relaxed and looked pleased with herself. She was full of excitement and chat on the way home in the car and told me she choose to be with the 2nd violins at the back as she felt very nervous, but said her nerves had gone by the end of the three hours – so pleased for her. I had a little surprise of a box of chocolates and a congratulations card for her when I dropped her home.

My youngest sister Vivien has been very busy over the last few weeks in a new relationship which I'm really pleased about (about time too). Is it too late for me to be an Aunty I wonder?!!!!! She'll kill me for writing that – oh well!

Looking forward to getting out there tomorrow. Very annoyingly for October birding, I am working on Sunday! I also have to take a self video tomorrow in birding attire for a London casting agency, which if given the role, leads to an awesome photo shoot for a major commercial!!! – I'll never get it in a million years, but I have to try! Huge thanks to another birder (V.C) for letting me know about the casting. Will keep you all posted.

News from the recent sale of Bawsey Pits and Country Park near King's Lynn in the Lynn News today.

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