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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Last Day of My Holiday!

I didn't get to bed until 4.30am because of last night, but still woke up at around 9am and couldn't sleep any more. I was exhausted, both phsically and mentally. My intention was to return to Wells to get better pictures of the Red-flanked Bluetail and attempt to get some of the Blyth's Reed Warbler etc, but obviously I wouldn't be doing that today now. Spent a good part of my day catching up with jobs that now needed to be done today, in order to be able to cope with going to work tomorrow and coping with Father's hospital admission.

Went to visit my father for a short while in the afternoon and very sadly he was very distressed and upset and wanted to go home. He has had a small stroke, so not major, but at aged 88 (soon to be 89), your body and mind can only take so much. Such kindness from very special nurses and staff, especially S, P., J, A, and T. (you know who you are) was much appreciated.

I needed some air, so on the way to my Mother's I went for a short walk at Snettisham Coastal Park. This was a complete and utter waste of time and energy. All I saw was a few Robins, but of note 21 Magpies flew across inland – biggest count of Magpies that I can recall. Pity they weren't Great Grey Shrikes!

I then went to my Mother's to collect Father's medication and lots of clothes for him etc. Mother was exhausted and asleep on the sofa when I arrived. Returned to the hospital to find Father in a calmer state thank goodness. Sorted all his clothes and things out and tidied them perfectly – D. will be impressed!

Back to work in the morning. Annoyingly its STILL North East tomorrow – selfishly praying that Mega doesn't decide to arrive whilst I'm at work! Wind then turns westerly and North West for the rest of the week, so sea-watching will be on the cards for those that are not at work.

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