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Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Norfolk Bird Race, Today 30th April!!!

The Norfolk Bird Race in association with the Norfolk Bird and Wildlife Fair run an annual 24 hour sponsored bird race. This year the race will be raising money for Wader Quest as five teams compete to become Bird Race Champions 2016.

"On 30th April 2016, the Norfolk Bird Race in association with the Norfolk Bird and Wildlife Fair will be raising money for Wader Quest ( Five teams of four people will be sponsored to spend 24 hours trying to see or hear as many birds as possible in East Anglia.

Wader Quest is a charity that aims to get more people directly involved in wader conservation through Community Wader Conservation projects, or indirectly as a Friend or Sponsor of Wader Quest.

Waders are under more global pressure today than at any time in the past, particularly long distance migrants that depend upon the intertidal zone for refuelling and resting. Nearly half (48%) of waders species, where a population trend is known, are in decline.

By sponsoring participants in the race you will be helping Wader Quest and therefore helping waders and their habitats. If you donate £5.00 or more, you will also be eligible to become a Friend of Wader Quest for a year, so please leave your details. If you are supporting a particular team then leave a message of support for them in the comments section."

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