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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Winter Weather!

We've had some pretty bizarre weather today – strong North West Winds, rain, sun, sleet and as I was writing notes in the day room at the QEH this afternoon, we had the heaviest and longest hail storm that I can recall for a very long time. A new member of staff rushed to the window for a few moments, to witness the hail storm – she had never seen hail before and looked so excited – it was very touching. The country this member of staff came from, never has hail! Early evening produced the most spectacular blue/pink skies with rays of sun and dramatic black and white clouds.

Tons more parent related phone calls had to made at lunchtime and as soon as I returned home from work to Social Services, GP's etc etc – then cooked my tea. I was supposed to do the supermarket run, but fell asleep. Burnt out. One more day left at work and then I have FIVE DAYS OFF!!! Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday! Some of those days will be sorting stuff to do with Father, but should definitely get some quality birding in somewhere – that is if these bitterly cold North Winds disappear!!!

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