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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

A Message to "Beth", New Hair & A Sunny Afternoon With My Sisters!!!

Tuesday 18th May
Its not appropriate to write publicly about why I booked with a different hairdresser a few weeks ago, but something absolutely awful happened to my normal hairdresser Beth and there was no way in a million years, that I was going to ring my hairdressers reception, about re-booking my appointment, when Beth was going through what must be the most difficult time ever in her life and this would also have affected the other staff hugely too. They all needed time and space. I then heard that Beth was returning to work far sooner than I thought she would or should come to that, but we all deal with things differently. If you are reading this Beth, my most sincere condolences to you. I send heartfelt love and hugs. There are no words really to say in these horrendous circumstances you find yourself in. I can only hope that you grow stronger again day by day, week by week and eventually start to come to terms with your tragic loss 💐 xxx.

So...... I had my hair done this morning at "King Street Hair Company" in King's Lynn with my old hairdresser Callie from so many years ago, I can't remember how long ago it actually was – I'm going back at least 10 years. Callie left where she used to work and moved abroad – she returned a few years ago. There are very few people I trust to do my hair and both Beth and Callie are the only ones I would see (through choice anyway). Callie did a fabulous job and after a record four hours and 10 minutes in the chair, I emerged a happy customer!

I then met up with Lucy and Vivien in the market place and after phoning where Lucy's lives to check it was ok....... it was, I was told – we sat at the tables outside Prezzos and had a coffee and something to eat. It was so lovely to sit with both of my sisters in the sunshine and I think it really cheered Lucy up, thank goodness. Then, the clouds appeared and it started to rain – we left and temporarily sheltered in the doorway of a large shop. I nipped into M&S for Lucy, to get her some food items (as she is not allowed to even enter a shop at the moment!) and then Vivien escorted Lucy back to where she lives and I returned to my car. Then I met up with Vivien for another chat in the car park where Lucy lives and we all returned home. No birding, but a happy day all round. Hopefully the rules will change soon, so that Vivien and I can take Lucy OUT of King's Lynn for a change of scene!!!
Cracking thunderstorm and torrential rain this evening! Juvenile Starlings are eating me out of house and home at the moment! Unfortunately the Starlings have taken a huge liking to the dried fruit, which I put out especially for my Blackbirds! Also saw a baby Robin in my garden yesterday – cute! Plus young Blackbirds! After seeing some more rats again a few days ago (totally exasperating), they now seem to have disappeared, long may this continue!

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