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Sunday, 9 May 2021



Lucy and I walked to the Vodafone shop in pouring rain, to sort out her new phone (again) at 9.40am. New rules again, where Lucy lives – she is now not allowed to go in any shops!!! Lucy and I queued outside the shop and very long and tedious story short....... after speaking to the manager 'Adam', Lucy can have a 'Talkmobile' (Vodafone) as this contract does not look at credit history! Why didn't they tell us this the other week?!!! Basically Lucy has no credit history. After signing the contract outside the shop, Lucy walked back to where she lives.

I then went in the shop to sort it all out. So now Lucy will have a Nokia 130 phone on a contract for only £5.00 a month for unlimited texts and calls, which will save her loads, as she spent a bomb on her pay as you go phone. I also capped the phone at £10.00 a month. This phone has a camera but it is absolutely rubbish! Lucy insisted she only wanted another Nokia phone, so that is what she has got! I don't quite now how they do this, but Lucy's old phone will stop working at midday on Tuesday and then the new phone will kick into action.

Whilst in the shop, the manager very cleverly persuaded me to change my internet provider! I'm currently with TalkTalk and pay a lot of money for landline (don't use this) and internet and a separate fee for my mobile to Vodafone. My new deal changes over on the 24th May and I will be saving myself £20 a month, so its worth doing. Plus the manager assured me I will have a much better internet service (faster etc). But, I absolutely hate having a new router and having to put new passwords into phones and iMacs and laptops, as it very rarely goes smoothly! It better do, otherwise the manager will regret persuading me to change!!!

I left the shop at 11.45am!!! I then took the new phone back to my house, to set it all up for Lucy, but I fell asleep in the afternoon, after a highly stressful day at work on Friday!

I spent the rest of the evening trying to make a decision about visiting Shetland this Autumn, where, how long for etc etc. See post to follow this evening!

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