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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Busy, Busy Day!

I worked today until 2.30pm. Phoned to ask how Father was when I finished – he had been confused and agitated all day and had refused breakfast and lunch – the nurses could not treat him either and were hoping family would come in to calm him. Whizzed home, changed uniform, had a cup of tea and returned to the hospital.

Vivien was driving to Ely to Holme to pick Mother up to visit Father. When I arrived at the hospital, Father was still in a confused and angry state. I re-positioned him in bed, got him comfortable and sat with him, talking to him, reassuring him etc. It was obvious he was still in a state of delirium and initially he was cross etc but then later, seemed to be a happy state – he was reaching out for moths and IDing them – he was smiling and was clearly excited by some of his finds including a Swallowtail and also a Black Swallowtail (is there such a thing!!!?), also Bedstraw Hawkmoth amongst others. He kept looking up with delight at Moths and Butteflies that he could see fluttering around him – we talked moths for quite a while. He also mentioned 'Chalkie and Eileen' in his mumbled conversation. I assisted the nurse by keeping him calm so she could attach the tube to the cannula to get another dose of anti-biotics into him, take some bloods and do some obs. I took advantageous of this situation and went to the ward pantry where I had been storing his favourite Sainsbury's Rhubarb Fools. I got very lucky and he ate the entire Rhubarb Fool, half a banana and almost half a bottle of water!!!

Mother and Vivien then turned up and I was pleased I had managed to calm him considerably before their arrival. He started to turn again later. At supper time Vivien and Mother went downstairs to the canteen whilst I attempted to feed him – he managed three forkfuls of the cheesy potato, which I dipped into the vegetable soup, but refused point blank to have anything else to eat or drink – oh well, at least he had had something today. Father asked where Lucy was (she had not been feeling very well today). Vivien bought me a sandwich when they returned to the ward. I assisted a nurse to re-position him twice more during the evening. Father looked tired and we were all tired – we left around 7.40pm.

Vivien drove back to Ely and I took Mother back to Holme via Ringstead, where we bought a sack of sticks for the fire. The wind and rain was atrocious and the car door swung back violently as I opened the door at Holme – pools of water everywhere along my Mother's road – disgusting weather today. Got home around 9.30pm. I read in the leaflet about delirium that these symptoms can last for up to 7 weeks!!! Oh dear! Good night!

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