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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My New Accommodation!

Woke up in my hotel, feeling rough, really rough. I knew I had a temperature, burning up and just wanted to close my eyes. I felt quite worried, was this the smoke inhalation or something else? Curled up and tried to sleep but couldn't. I had no paracetmol with me. It felt weird waking up in a hotel room – I still can't believe what's happened. Eventually got in the shower and went to the restaurant for breakfast and had a full english vegetarian breakfast! Phoned the GP and got told to come in straight away. I almost felt too ill to drive, but I got there. Waited an hour to be seen. I was told that I have a Upper Respiratory Chest Infection, my Temperature was 38.2 (high), Pulse 118. I broke down in tears when I told the nurse what had been happening lately. The smoke would not have helped she said and told me I needed to sleep, drink lots of water, take paracetamol, fresh air and deep breathing. She advised me not to visit my Father in this condition. So after purchasing paracetamol from the adjacent chemist, I returned to the hotel and slept.

Went for a fish n chip tea with ice-cream to follow and then retired to my room. Vivien had taken half a day's holiday and visited Father this afternoon, who was sitting out in the chair and said he felt loads better. The physio reported that he walked with a 'shuffling gait' the length of the bed – that sounds like Father's normal pattern of walking! Made me feel sad that I couldn't visit him this evening. Vivien said he has almost run out of his favourite food - red grapes, I texted Lucy and hinted for delivery tomorrow!

So the Insurance company have put me up in a hotel, whilst my house is being fumigated etc. But no point in going home until next door's house has been fumigated etc as all the smoke from their house will leak back into mine, so the serious clean up by a specialist team in my house can't begin until then, so I was told – feels lonely here – really fed-up. All my camera gear, binoculars, telescopes smoked out and will all have to be professionally cleaned. Hope this all gets sorted before Spring Migration!

For some reason I can't reply to any of my emails in this hotel, so thanks to David, Colin, John and others. 

Watched the Brits and was really looking forward to watching Madonna perform. Could not believe it when she felt backwards down the steps  after her cape didn't release – that was a big fall and she must have hurt herself. She got straight up, brushed herself off and continued without a waver in her voice, a true professional and star. Apparently she said later that she 'was fine' but she must have had some bruises. Her perfomance was amazing.

1 comment:

  1. So sorry to hear all that has been happening.

    If I lived in Kings Lynn and not Madrid I'd be round to help you with the house.

    Fingers crossed that things start to look up for you.