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Friday, 27 February 2015

It's Friday!!!

I was being sarcastic. Normally I would be at work and now looking forward to the weekend. But off work because of fire and now because I have a nasty chest virus. Got up and went for breakfast and then felt so ill I went back to bed until 11.15am. Then I went to my GP's to pick up sick note for work and have been signed off for another week. Met with my insurer's assessor at my house at 12.30pm who seemed to be there forever, videoing and doing the same stuff as the asessor for the cleaning team. I now have loads of stuff to do, but feel too ill to do it. Took washing out of machine that I did last night and took it to laundrettes to tumbledry and then returned to hotel. Still have a temperature and feel rubbish.

My hotel stay has been extended, but only for a short while. The assessor suggested that I sleep in the second bedroom as the odour is less in there. This will mean moving tons of boxes of books by myself into my bedroom and moving the bed into that room – oh joy. Smoke will continue to leak back into my house until the fire house is cleaned. So I will have to sleep in my house soon, not looking forward to that and also it has been recommended not to open any windows to lessen the chances of further smoke exposure.

Mother visited Father in hospital today to see how he is mobilising with the physios – she used the sturn aid to transfer him, think this is what she will be issued to use at home for Father. OT visiting her house next week to assess the room and equipment – I've already told them what is needed! Father was very tearful, tired and fed-up and wants to go home. Feel so sad as I'm not well enough to visit him.

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