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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Father's Recovery

My father didn't look as well today when I saw him briefly a couple of times throughout the day whilst I was working. He had been sturned out of bed for the first time into a low recliner in the morning, but had to be hoisted back to bed later. Mother visited him just after lunch (via two taxi's again!) and I could see him deteriating again. When I finished work at 4pm, I stayed with him until 5.50pm – had to go then as British Gas were servicing my boiler. He was restless and in a state of delirium again. He was almost flat in bed, so got another N/A to assist to get him high up the bed and in a good sitting position with pillows to support under his arms to help him to relax. When I first arrived I managed to get him to sip a good amount of water through a straw and 2 teaspoons of yoghurt. The N/A's told me he had refused all food earlier. He would not allow the staff to carry out observations on him or insert a cannula so that an intravenous drip of anti-biotics could be fed into him. I managed to help them to do both. He NEEDS the anti-biotics to combat the infection that is making him delirious. I just phoned at 10.30pm to see if he had pulled the cannula out – I was shocked it was still in, but I was told he was trying to unravel the bandage that was secured over the cannula – it will be a miracle if it stays in. He is de-hydrated and desperately needs more fluids. Father told me that I have been written out of the Will – not the first time I've heard that! The first time was the last hip operation, the second was the Stroke and this will be the third! He was cross with me for helping with the cannula, he was cross with me for daring to ask if he wanted a drink or the yoghurt and even crosser because 'you have a car, take me home now Margaret..... I just want to go home'. I assured him that he would be going home, but couldn't when he wasn't well enough and not able to walk yet. 'Yes I can walk... help me out of this bed.... now!!! and so on and so on. Every so often he would be calm and we were both silent and I just held his hand. The nurse in charge informed me that his infection was higher and they needed to do a chest x-ray this evening. I always get called Margaret (my mother's name) when father is confused or cross. I can't see him coming out of hospital very quickly. Also the worrying thing is that the longer he stays in bed, the more stiff his legs will be and the more difficult it will be for him to walk again. I really hope he doesn't become bed bound – that would be awful.

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