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Saturday 30 May 2015

Busy Bee, well kind of!

Busy and lazy all rolled into one over the last couple of days. Can't remember what I did yesterday now, short-term memory loss, must be old age! I do know I didn't leave the house.

Today I sorted out photos to send to a publication and opened an on-line bank account (finally) to do Mother's shopping, which she says she is not doing, but she will be and in any case, she won't have to do anything, except read the list out over the phone as she does currently. If you are quick and pick a £1.00 slot on Sainsbury's on-line grocery shopping, it will be cheaper than me driving over there and back! Looking forward to it! The only issue will be getting Mother to do the list soon enough to get the £1 delivery slot which could be a problem!

Spent my Tescos Clubcard vouchers (which I have been saving for last few months) on-line with the current 'boost' offer, which doubles your vouchers! Bought a 'Kit Premium Power Bank' x 2 which is basically a mobile phone battery boost, so no issues with phone running out of battery down Blakeney Point and no excuse not to phone out that mega (keep dreaming)! Nikwax Tent Protector spray x 2, for when I dig out my expensive tent, which has been packed in a box for years. Only been camping once (1999, when I was married) – would love to go again, hopefully not too far off in the future. Oh and a duspan and brush (you really wanted to know that!).

What else..hmmm.... oh started the mammoth task of unpacking 28 bl**dy boxes of clothes! (that were taken away to be laundred after the smoke damage) Yes, I know I shouldn't have that many, but not good at throwing things out, I always believe that eventually I will get back into my size 10 clothes, again..... keep dreaming Penny. They are being catergarized into 'keep', 'hope to get into' and 'bootsale'!!! Then of course I need to actually do a boot sale, maybe next weekend if I can get a volunteer assistant and a fold up table. I'm going crazy in this house, wish I had gone out now. I will be tomorrow!

I see there is a Veery on Orkney – one in Norfolk would be pretty good – James H. made me chuckle when he said on Twitter, "O Cathurus god, I ask only you deliver a veery that's not on a f******g Scottish island #takingthepissnow". The Little Bittern has re-surfaced again at Lakenheath RSPB which will be good for those that havn't yet managed to catch a nano second glimpse of this elusive bird. There isn't exactly much excitement in Norfolk, so far this weekend. Hope that changes tomorrow!

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