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Saturday 16 May 2015


Saturday 16th May – 9am-5pm
Mannington Hall

A fabulous day all round and I was really excited to see the photography competition entries on display and the winner's names revealed in the main marquee. I can't believe I picked the same photographer for three catagories!!! Congratulations to all the winners.

The sun shone all day, stunning scenery and bumped into lots of birders and blog readers – nice to meet you all. Also hello to the Broads Authority Staff who I was told read my blog daily, thank you so much! Nice to see Julian B. in his new post at the WildSounds Stand! Had a wonderful vegi lunch from Vette's Veggi Van, who were here last year.

Lots more here than advertised on the website and programme, including lots of exciting things for children to 'oh' and 'ah' at including owls on display and a massive Boa Constrictor, which several children were fascinated by! A rescued Raven and other wildlife. I liked the fact that the fair was aimed at all the family – after all wildlife should be for all generations.

Sighting of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker here this morning, so I heard! Also Spotted Flycatchers and Firecrests here, but I didn't get lucky with these.

Bill Oddie will draw the crowds tomorrow – get there early!

Julian Bhalerao at WildSounds.

 Mark Avery signing books at WildSounds.

Duncan MacDonald and Julian Bhalerao at WildSounds.

Rob Wilson, organiser of the Bird & Wildlife Fair, along with his wife Jill.

Mark Avery.

Paul Lee with Carl Chapman and Rose Votier.

The new North East Norfolk Bird Club!

A very nice selection of wood crafted pens – my only purchase today!

Richard Brooks and the 'two Julies'!

Me with Richard Brooks and the 'two Julies'!

Me in the sensory garden.

European Eagle Owl

Ural Owl

Southern White-faced Scops Owl

 Peruvian Striped Owl

Boa Constrictor!
Raven – rescued.

Mannington Hall

Judge: Penny Clarke

Adult's Winner of Bird Category & Overall Winner!
Rook and Jackdaw Roost

"As photographers we all strive to find that one shot that is unique, something different and this is both. The speed of the birds captured coming in to roost and as they descend to the tree, along with the simplicity of this mono shot, make this the overall winner as well."

Highly commended – Adult Bird Category:
"Good composition and detail captured in what is an extremely difficult bird to capture in flight."

Adult's Winner of Mammal Category
Grey Seal at Horsey
"A good composition and colour balance – the low angle brings you close to the action of the seals and the out of focus seal highlights the distance from the foreground."

Adult's Winner of 'Other' Category
Small Red-eye Damselfly
"Stunning macro shot, details and colours – something different and catches your eye!"

Under 16's
Children's Winner of Bird Category AND Overall Winner!
Short-eared Owl in flight
"Good composition. The light on the wings and head of the bird adds depth to the picture. A beautifully simple, but wonderful capture."

Children's Winner of 'Other' Category
Peacock Butterfly
"Good composition, sharpness and balance of colour overall is pleasing to the eye and the lichen covered pot makes an excellent background to set off the butterfly."

Highly Commended in Children's Bird Category:
"Beautiful colours and light, good composition and depth of field obtained."



  1. You were surprised that you'd picked the same persons's pictures for all the adult categories...
    I'm not, looking at them....
    they are different...
    they are interesting...
    especially the swift and the damselfly tail....
    both those really make you look hard at the picture.
    And you are in good company for "choosing different"...
    the current "curator" of the Birdguides pic of the week seems to think on similar lines.

    There are too many photographers out there taking wonderfully boring, bit-more-than-record shots with a whopping great gimbal-mounted lens on a huge tripod....
    all the equipment and no brains to use it with...
    do different... the photos will stand the test of time!

    And I like the fact the 'sirstifficats' have got a mini copy of the picture included... nice touch that!!