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Saturday 30 May 2015

My New Car!

Skoda Fabia SE L in Rallye Green Metallic!

I can't believe I have had my current Skoda for what will be 3.5 years in September! This was on a finance deal, so have to do something with it soon and have decided I'm trading it in for another Skoda. Buying my first new car was the best car buy I ever did, I spent more on garage bills with previous cars, than what I did monthly on a new car! This model is alot more powerful than my current car! I have decided that Rallye Green will be a really cool colour to have! I wanted black, but it will look dusty the whole time. I don't want any previous colours I've had, wanted something different and this is – not everyone's cup of tea, a colour you will love or hate! Skoda is offering a £500 fuel card if you purchase a new car between 4th and 7th June, so naturally this is the best time to buy. I would have liked the colour concept option of having a black roof etc, but you can only have a car from stock if you want the added £500 offer towards the cost from Skoda and they don't have any in stock with black roof. I need to keep my fingers crossed there is a Rallye Green car left in stock next week – there were three when I enquired. Its a spec up from my current car and I won't be paying any more monthly than I do now! So excited!


  1. Love the colour...
    you'll need to buy yourself a long, green, silk scarf to wear with it!!

  2. What do you want a black roof for, it'll get too hot in the sun...Love the Ralleye Green, (black roof would spoil it) hope you get it, we shall look out for you streaking along in it next week!

    1. I fancied a black roof to make it look more girl racerish!!! I'm having a mid-life crisis Sue LOL! No you're right (of course). I'm signing for it, but won't be getting it next week, shouldn't be too long though.