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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Apple iphone 6 Ordered!

You would not believe the service from Vodafone. If I had the choice I would leave them, but I have no choice but to stay with them. My current iphone 5s has so many things wrong with it, I have to change it and my contract doesn't end until May 2016. So I would have to pay several hundred pounds to get out altogether or pay the early upgrade.

I decided to just check again today about the price I was given last night (see yesterday's post). It ALWAYS pays to ring several times with vodafone and its a good job I did. The second person I spoke to last night that said I would get 26% off with NHS, was incorrect I found out after speaking to 'Sidrah' in the Manchester team this afternoon. I blew up big time I can tell you! Sidrah apologised – that's all she could do, not her fault that someone else has been trained badly and hasn't got a clue what they are doing. Anyway, long story short, the new monthly price is now £43.20 including the 20% off for NHS employees. My current phone is only 16GB and has no memory whatsoever and I was going to upgrade to the 64GB phone, but decided if I have to stick with vodafone for another 2 years, I might aswell go all the way and order their biggest 128GB phone! I did have to pay £109 for the handset though. Early upgrade fee is £172.90. The good news is that I will get the £172.90 back as I can sell my iphone 5s to their Buy Back Service and get £170 for the phone and also £5.00 for my old iphone 3G which I still have. You have to take the phones to a vodafone shop so they can see the condition of the phones before they commit.

So I took my phones to the vodafone shop in town this afternoon and those prices were agreed. But when I walked two doors down to the shop I was offered a minimum of £170 for the iphone 5s and £22.00 for the iphone 3G, so I know where I will be going at the end of next week!

So my new phone is the Apple iphone 6 128GB with 6GB of data, Space Grey with 100 Media/picture messages per month thrown in free (had to fight for that!), unlimited calls and texts and being delivered next week. I need to pick up my Kowa Photo Adapter for the iphone 6 from Cleyspy now (hopefully trading in my current 5s one) and looking forward to seeing the quality of my phonescoped videos with this new phone.

The pager eventually arrived at 1pm to sign for and its working again, but a line of pixels is missing across the pager, which is not ideal, so will have a chat with RBA team about changing the pager completely I think.

I started to cut the hedge today, but then it rained and didn't go back out to finish it. Did a massive pile of ironing #boring #tedious. Its been grey and gloomy skies all day here in Norfolk, but the sun did appear for a short while this evening. As I type at 22.25 there is a cracking thunderstorm going on and torrential rain! Didn't manage to do any birding today.

Family commitments tomorrow on Father's Day, mean I won't have a full day's birding, but I will be out in the morning for a short while hopefully.


  1. Phone companies can be such a hassle sometimes, I tell ya. But you definitely made the right decision in upgrading your phone. I was getting so frustrated with my old iPhone, and I finally upgraded to the iPhone 6 and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The extra memory was a good call, which is where I went wrong. Good deal on the phone, counting your trade-ins.

    Brian Hopkins @ Microtips USA

  2. Indeed Brian, a good move to the iphone 6. Congratulations on your upgrade!