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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Apple iphone 6 Update!

There are always teething troubles when you change phones, its expected really! Something really odd happened today. Some of my Apps lost their picture on the icon and just showed white. When you clicked on them, they opened correctly, but I couldn't work out why the picture was missing. I decided not to phone Vodafone who are absolutely hopeless – I queued for ages last night to speak to them and then a pre-recorded voice informed me that they were now closed at 8pm and cut me off! I wasn't a happy bunny! So, this evening I went straight to the top and phoned an Apple Technician – who after spending 45 minutes on the phone with me, couldn't get to the bottom of it and put me through to his Manager, an 'iOS Senior Adviser'. The senior adviser knew what he was doing and was brilliant. He found that I had to 'Reset Home Screen Layout' and they all re-loaded correctly, but out of the order I had put them, so will have to shuffle them around again. He also helped me copy music from Mac to phone correctly, which I have never been very good with – I'm not a lover of iTunes, it never seems straight forward to me. For some reason I had him in stitches and he I! I had said that if I had phoned Vodafone again I would have had road rage. He was American and was based in Kentucky. He was hilarious and sounded very nice indeed! (politest way of putting it)! Anyway, he informed me that my itunes was not the latest version, but then discovered that my Macbook Pro was, as he put it 'old'. 'Old' I said, that's not old, my Mac G4 is old! Bet you never even heard of that!?' To which he roared with laughter! I only wish I could get a new Mac every year, that would be awesome!

So tired this evening and so many little jobs to do before the weekend and work is getting right in the way! Oh, it was so nice to Cilla with her very cute little baby Theo, who popped in to see us all this week at work. I held Theo for a little while, he was so heavy! I tried to show him some birds out of the window, but only managed a fat Woodpigeon, which didn't spark much interest I'm afraid, who can blame him! I was most amused that Cilla reads my blog when she's up in the middle of the night, she must be bored! HELLO CILLA!


  1. Hi Penny! He's been quite good in the night recently so I'm a bit behind with your blog but will catch up. Lovely to see you all the other day, see you soon Cilla xx

  2. Lovely to see you too Cilla, you looked so happy and he was sooo cute! X