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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Excitement, Drama & Red Hot News!

It killed me to get up this morning, when the alarm went off. I hardly slept the night before and spending the entire day at Minsmere with a two hours drive each way, shattered me completely. I eventually crawled out of bed. It was a beautiful sunny day again.

Arrived at the Skoda garage for my appointment at 8.50am and was wheeling and dealing until 11.30am! There's bad news and good news! Since yesterday, all four Rallye Green Skoda Fabia cars that were available, have already been sold! The good news is I'm still having Rallye Green, but will have to wait for it to be built – this means I won't be flying about in my new green machine for three months! All good things come to those that wait! BUT, I got some brilliant extras including a cool Panoramic Sunroof to #lookup at Eagles when driving (only joking – have to say this as I know at least one policeman who reads my blog!), so excited! Also free extras included mudflaps, door sill covers, boot mat, a *£500 fuel card (*as offered in their brilliant THE BIG SKODA EVENT 4-9th June). I didn't know that some new cars are not being built with CD players anymore, I will now have to get with it and either copy music onto a USB stick or link to music via mobile, as this new Fabia doesn't have a CD player I found out only today! I took a while reading small print, calculating etc and finally signed on the dotted line. Massive thanks to Sales Executive Sam and Manager Guy for all their help and patience.

When I got home, I had planned to go birding, but this didn't happen. The rest of the day disappeared. Phoned for car breakdown quotes and choose the AA in the end as they were the cheapest – need 3 months, just to cover me until I get new car. My previous breakdown was included in the price of my current car and ended in March – too risky to drive for another three months without cover!

My shower has been playing up over the last couple of weeks – the temperature has been too hot and it won't alter, whatever setting you change it to. Of course, I have only had this shower just over the 2 year warranty period – I'm sure they make them to break down just after this! I discovered this afternoon that the shower now only runs freezing bloody cold, not the tiniest bit of warm water AND my hair needs washing – its going to be torture! Phoned the same plumber who installed the shower and he's coming out at 8am tomorrow to see what type of shower (I requested cheapest you can get) I need to match the fittings/pipes. So that's going to cost me!

Whilst surfing the net this afternoon and sorting my daily mass of emails (mostly junk), I was suddenly alerted to a hissing noise coming from the kitchen – alarmed, I rushed into the room and looked at all appliances and couldn't see anything! I then realised the noise was coming from the stairs (walk in) cupboard – to my horror when I opened the door, an aerosol can of cycling oil spray was jetting out all its contents from a hole at the side of the can!!! I sighed massively as I discovered it had spread over most items in the cupboard including the walls, door, floor, hoover, bags etc and the list goes on!!! I cleaned up some, but haven't got the time to do the cupboard properly today, it will have to blinking well wait! For goodness sake! I have never known an aerosol can to do this! Have you?

Next week I'm in the audience on UNSPRUNG!!!!
I will let you know which day, next week! However, I'm back at work and had to make a special request to have two hours holiday, so I can get there in time! SO EXCITED!!!

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