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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Shopping & Birding After Work!

I had a busy evening when I finished work. Whizzed down town to a couple of shops and then purchased a Go Travel waterproof pouch, which is just big enough to put my mobile and pager in. Can't risk the new mobile getting wet or the pager again!!! The pager cost me £10 to get repaired and I will have to live with the missing pixels, as it will cost far more to replace the entire unit.

I just made it into the vodafone shop before they closed, to collect my new Apple iphone 6 which arrived for me to collect today! Whizzed home, quick tea and out of the door.

I really fancied listening to the Marsh Warbler again, so off I went to Narborough. It was a beautiful evening and it was good to be out. Another couple were walking along the path a few yards behind me and all three of us stood at the Marsh Warbler spot to wait. But, disappointingly there was no glorious tunes from Mr Marsh Warbler, not a sound or sight of this wonderful bird. There was a large gap in the reeds, as though something large or someone had crashed through the reeds – I was puzzled by this and couldn't work out what or why this had occurred. Had whatever had done this, disturbed and moved on the Marsh Warbler I wonder?! Who knows! Anyone it was nice to chat to Dawn and Malcolm, a really lovely couple who I have seen before, but not really met properly – they were staying in Norfolk for a birding holiday and this was their second visit today to try and see the Marsh Warbler – such a pity for them, that this bird had disappeared. But we had a wonderful surprise when a Kingfisher flashed past us along the river and also saw male and female Blackcap in the elder bushes. Something large plopped in the water just below us, but we didn't see what it was, guessing water vole. I keep thinking about the huge gap in the reeds and how it got there....hmmmm. There is an amazing array of foxgloves through the trees on the left handside of the path, as you walk along the river path. On route home, I stopped to buy chocolate – I needed a fix!

At home I ordered Mother's weekly on-line shopping. No time to start unpacking the new phone, will sort that out tomorrow night. I have been looking on the net for a really nice wallet type case, but can't find one I like yet. I don't really want to use this phone until I have a case, far too risky!

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