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Friday 25 December 2020


Me in the garden with the birds – 25th December 2020
First Christmas day ever by myself, but it went ok. Got up fairly early. Hung some washing up and took the bread out of the breadmaker. Washed hair etc, did make-up and got glammed up for myself! The day seemed to disappear incredibly quickly! I spent about 45 minutes topping up all the bird feeders, erecting a new bird box and cleaning the bird baths out – gave the birds some extra treats and cut up some dried apricots, which I know Song Thrushes particularly love, but sadly didn't see any in the garden today. It was bitterly cold, almost too cold to go out! My usual array of hungry Starlings, several Collared Doves, House Sparrows, Hedge Sparrows, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Blackbirds and a Robin kept me entertained throughout the day. After video calling Vivien and Ray and chatting to Lucy on the phone it was 1pm and I still hadn't had breakfast! I could tell the day wasn't going to go to plan, but did it matter? No, not really! Had two fried eggs on toast and a cup of tea. Watched 'Oliver' – never tire of watching this iconic film! "Who will buy this wonderful morning? Such a sky you never did see!" I love singing to all the songs in this film, good job I live alone!!!

I suddenly felt really tired and also didn't feel too good, which worried me a little, so did my lateral Covid test, which I needed to do today anyway and it was negative – phew! Fell asleep on the sofa and woke up late afternoon. It was too late to drive anywhere, so went for a quick walk along the cycle path and to the river and back. It was a good job I put my wellies on, as it was very wet underfoot – several of the surrounding fields were flooded. Heard a Robin singing and saw some Mallards in the river. Passed quite a few people. One lady with a dog said 'Merry Christmas' to me, which was nice and another family also wished me Christmas greetings. Beautiful cerise sunset as I walked back home.

My late afternoon walk!


Back at home, I rang Lucy and we decided to do a video call to Vivien. Had to knock on someone's door to ask them to move their car, so I could get out of my drive and then drove to Lucy's. With my mask on and standing 2 metres away (outside in the car park), we called Vivien. It was nice that we could all chat at the same time. Lucy doesn't have a smart phone – her phone is ancient! Using my phone, was the only way Lucy was going to see Vivien today! Lucy looked really pleased to see Vivien and was intrigued by all the Christmas decorations around the narrowboat. It was far too cold to stand outside for long. Lucy had declined my offer of going for a socially distanced walk this morning, or this afternoon, but to be honest I don't blame her, it was very cold indeed.

Returned home and watched the TV and nearly didn't bother doing Christmas dinner, but made the effort and later on in the evening I had roast potatoes, mashed potato, roasted carrots and parsnips, sprouts, peas, home made nut roast, yorkshire puddings and home-made gravy, with a non-alcoholic sparkling drink! Watched the Strictly Come Dancing special, The Wheel, Britain's Got Talent and East Enders! Received a brilliant Christmas poem by email from John F.! Washed-up and wrote the blog – good night!

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  1. Merry Xmas Penny. Glad you had good day. It was sunny at times but bitterly cold. We have a fox visits every night, caught it on the trail camera. I am off work till nxt weds. Hoping if weather is kind to go for a walk. Keep checking nest camera boxes. Hopefully we r lucky. Birds are getting territorial for sure. Really hope things improve next year. My friend bought me Marcus Nash gift voucher, so can join him on a tour. Have done 2 with him. Stay Safe