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Sunday 20 December 2020


The state of our hospitals in Norfolk:

"Hospitals have more Covid patients than peak of first wave" 

"Steep Covid case rises across most of Norfolk, figures show"

Covid-19: Christmas rules tightened for England, Scotland and Wales

After Boris's change from the Christmas 5 day mixing to one day only and the new Tier 4 rules, this will obviously result in a lot of sadness for many people, who have organised their five day celebrations and want to spend time with their families and loved ones. But, we need to think about the bigger picture, we really do! We need to halt this virus and the only way that is going to happen, is to stop mixing with ANYONE outside your household, keep your distance when out in public (at least 2 metres), wear a mask (properly, as in over mouth and nose), sanitize, wash your hands and follow the rules – it shouldn't be that difficult! With the cold weather AND we still have January, February and March to go – until we are all vaccinated, its going to get worse before it gets better! I was horrified to hear that tons of Londoners were leaving on trains before the 12pm change from their Tier 3 to Tier 4, which meant they would not be allowed to travel anywhere after 12pm! Presumably they were going to stay with families in lower tiers, so possibly spreading the virus further!!! Or maybe nipping to their second homes, again putting people in lower tiers at risk. People leaving their main residences from the cities (where they have larger hospitals) to other areas, puts massive pressure on far smaller hospitals in counties that already can't cope in the Winter period, even without the added pressure of Covid-19!
If you are lucky enough to have two or more people in your household, then consider that a blessing, especially on Christmas day. For those that live on their own, especially the elderly, this is going to be very tough indeed. After all, Christmas day is just another day, think of the people that have to work on that day, especially those in the care sector, care homes, hospitals, fire service, police and so on. We can celebrate with those we love, when all this eventually becomes a bad memory. Unfortunately though, its going to take far longer than we would like it to. Until we all, or the majority of the world is vaccinated, then this evil virus will stay with us, unless of course it naturally disappears, which I think is unlikely. Until we are vaccinated, we NEED to follow the rules, care for each other and think of others. Sadly there are many people that have not and are STILL not following the rules, which is one of the main reasons we are in the state we are in now. I'm not a Boris fan, but I do think which ever Prime Minister was in charge, would have found 2020 a challenge, unless of course it had been Jacinda Ardern! Sadly Boris didn't take this seriously enough in the beginning – he should have  locked down the entire country far sooner and stopped all international travel, the list goes on.......! He should have also deployed the army to sort out all the selfish people breaking rules – they could have had road blocks to check where people were going, dispersed the stupid people gathering at raves and anti-lockdown protests etc!
The new rules won't make any difference to my sisters and I! Lucy is not allowed to leave her home and for the first time, will be spending her Christmas day with the other residents she lives with – she is not allowed to go to any other households currently or on Christmas day. Vivien and Ray will be spending their day alone on their narrow boat and I for the first time ever, will be spending Christmas day alone. Vivien and Ray are in my 'bubble', but there is no way in a million years would I want to put either of my sisters at risk, being as I work in the hospital, plus Ray has some health issues. The Covid-19 cases have been and are increasing daily, so whatever the rules or new rules were, I wasn't going to be spending time in any house with my sisters. We are allowed to meet outside though and we have done that recently. We all met outside at Lucy's and walked 2 metres apart to the quayside in King's Lynn – Lucy and Vivien sat on plastic dustbin bags on seats and I rigged up my new lightweight stool – we didn't sit for long though, as it started raining! If you find yourself in a room or office (away from your home) with the windows shut, get them open ASAP!!! Virus out, fresh air in. Being in a room with others, either at work or elsewhere, with no windows open is asking for trouble! If you are chilly, put a jumper on, then a coat! If you are still cold, tough! Better than catching the virus!
I haven't bothered to put any Christmas decorations up at all – not worth the effort, when no one else will see them! There is obviously no Stroke Christmas Party this year either, so no dancing, drinking, or being taken home by my colleagues this year!!! We have done 'Secret Santa' though and I was kindly given a Bee home, which I will put up in the Spring! I know this sounds weird, but its actually been very difficult to get used to working three days a week instead of five and I have probably achieved less having more time off, than I did before! We have been given the Covid-19 self-testing lateral flow kits to test ourselves twice a week (day before you go to work and again at the end of the week) – so far I have tested negative, thank goodness! I dread to think what will happen if the hospitals in Norfolk fill completely, I presume patients will be transported to other counties?!
I'm working next Wednesday and on Thursday (Christmas Eve) and then have Christmas Day, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. I hope everyone has a peaceful time over the Christmas period and most importantly that you all stay well. For those that are suffering mentally and there will be many, try and look at the bigger picture. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you feel you need medication to help you, go to your GP or ask for a telephone appointment, if you can't or don't want to go to the surgery. Don't be frightened of admitting you need help. Meanwhile, take up a new hobby, do something new, read a book, write a book!, paint a picture, phone someone, Skype someone, ring someone, walk, enjoy nature, sleep, eat, watch TV, have a Spring clean, increase your exercise, plan for next year!!!

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