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Tuesday 22 December 2020

Pre Christmas Walk With Vivien At Dersingham Bog NWT!

I dropped Lucy's Christmas presents off this morning and she gave me hers. Sadly, Lucy was not in the best of moods and didn't want to go for a social distanced walk with Vivien and I, so we chatted in the car park next to where she lives for a short while. Lucy is really struggling mentally right now. Officially, I can take Lucy out in my car with masks on etc, but I don't want to right now, it is far too risky with this strain of virus sweeping through the country. So the only walk on offer was to go to 'The Walks' in King's Lynn or the Quayside, neither of which Lucy wanted to do. This may have been the last time we all see each other together for a while, as its obvious we will either all be going to Tier 4 or the country will go into complete lock down – it wouldn't surprise me if Boris did this before Christmas.

Vivien and I drove in our cars to the scissor car park at Dersingham Bog, so we could spend some quality time together. It was a reasonably sunny morning, which made a change. As we were about to go for our walk, Suzy (who I work with), husband and children turned up to go for a walk! Vivien and I really enjoyed our amble and had tons of things to catch up on! But, it was almost devoid of birds, I expected to see at least a Stonechat, but none seen. We only saw a distant Wood Pigeon and a Kestrel! There were a handful of families here, but it wasn't an issue at all with distancing etc and all dogs were on leads, as the signs requested (makes a change). Back at the car park we bumped into Suzy with her family again, who had taken a different route to us and she also hadn't seen any birds or dragon's (her little boys were hoping to see one or two!!!).

Vivien left to go back to Ely and I headed to Heacham to 'Moulham and Horn' to stock up on lots of bird food: 'no mess' seed, finch seed, wild bird seed with flakes, berry fat blocks, mealworm fat blocks and dried mealworms. Returned to King's Lynn, nipped to BOOTS to buy some more Vitamin D tablets (annoyingly have gone up loads in price!), but at least they had a 3 for 2 offer! Returned home and duly fell asleep. Did my lateral test for Covid – negative!

This evening I made my 'Mary Berry' Victoria Sandwich, which I adapt with a fabulous *tip once given to me from John F. The actual recipe is just raspberry jam in the middle and caster sugar on top of the cake, but I add lots of *crushed frozen raspberries over the jam – the other sponge I cover with butter icing with a couple of drops of vanilla essence and put on top of the jam layer! I then dust icing sugar over the top of the cake! I have made this to take to work tomorrow – it won't last long! Its obviously not for diabetics and not for anyone counting calories!

Two days at work and then its Christmas day!!! I think its going to be quite stressful tomorrow!

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