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Monday 21 December 2020

Warning Against Christmas Visits To North Norfolk As Virus Cases Surge

LOOK EAST reporting 150 Covid-19 patients in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, King's Lynn!!! Blimey, that's gone up another third since I was last at work on Friday!!!
The way things are going, its obvious the hospitals in Norfolk will be completely full. Let's hope that people who are registered with their GP in Norfolk can actually get a bed in hospital, if they need to be admitted! I would personally be pretty angry if I was on a trolley in a corridor, if Tier 4 Londoners or anyone on holiday here, were taking up a bed space in any of the Norfolk hospitals! We don't have the capacity in this pandemic for people that do live here, never mind anyone else!!! There are more hospitals in London with far more capacity! You should be living at your main residence, where you are registered with your GP! No one from Tier 4 should be in Norfolk, no one at all! This is now going to spiral out of control!
I'm wearing my mask outside now, as well as in supermarkets, when I'm anywhere near anyone else. This new Covid-19 strain, can seemingly spread much further between people. Spent most of today writing a food list, doing food shop, putting it all away, wrapping presents, posting cards etc!
What a mess this country is in right now!!!

1 comment:

  1. Totally agree Penny. I am really worried re latest developments. People are just Covid blind. Will carry on oblivious. I bet soon as announcement was made. Tier 4 drove overnight to their second homes. I wear a mask more. Wrk with one in private hospital. Thank goodness nature is a tonic. The birds are very vocal in the mornings. I really hope Christmas doesnt set us back even further. And with border issue to, defo is a bleak winter. Stay Safe xx