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Monday 22 September 2014

In A&E!!!

I left work this evening and walked across the same bit of grass I always walk across – stumbled on something and felt my ankle crunch sideways and I collapsed to the ground. I couldn't get up to begin with. Couple of members of staff came across – I stood and said I would be ok. Two colleagues from my team then arrived and they pointed out that an exposed tree root was probably what I had stumbled over. I was offered a lift home, but declined (being stubborn and independent) and said I would be ok. Hobbled to car and proceeded to drive home, which was a massive mistake! Crying with pain... I should never have done this. Phoned Sarah who lives nearby and who I work with to take me to A&E. Sarah came to pick me up and now sitting in A&E, waiting to be seen. Pain is 10/10 and feel faint – been given pain relief, so hopefully will kick in soon. What a time for this to happen! Just started work in Community again. No whizzing after birds for a while either - there will be MEGAS galore turn up this week!!!! There is currently a 2.5 hour wait to be seen!!!!

So I am home..... got back around 9pm. Had an X-ray and as I expected, I have pulled all the ligaments in my ankle. Was given crutches and told to non-weight bare today/this evening, but tomorrow I have to lightly weight bare with the crutches and build this up over the next few day's/weeks. The A&E Sister told me that it will take 3-4 weeks before it's normal again. She also told me that I can't drive until I can stand on tiptoe.... otherwise you are not able to do an emergency stop and not insured. This is absolutely bloody great..... just started my 4-months rotation in the community today! Should have been working this coming Sunday, so money lost there, all kinds of things I needed to do this week, which involved me using the car. No food shopping in, my three month hair appointment and worst of all NO BIRDING.... can't believe I am typing those words, no birding!!! AND it's October... as someone wrote last night  '.....the business end of birding....'

Sarah picked me up from A&E and then kindly went to Tescos to get me some painkillers before dropping me home. It took me ages to crawl upstairs, managed to have a shower, but that was pretty dangerous!!! Came downstairs on my bottom. Used the crutches to get to kitchen, opened tin of macaroni cheese and took ages getting the plate to the table! Sat with foot on bag of peas to reduce the swelling for as long as I could bare. Pain relief now wearing off, so need to take more. Fed-up with these crutches already, its much easier to just crawl everywhere! Plus I can then move things around the house that I need eg water bottle and tablets to take upstairs for the night, by moving them along the floor. You can't carry anything with crutches! Very very pissed off!!!


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery as I enjoy following your blog.

  2. Could have been worse! You could have done it at the start of your week off! And what a week you'd have missed!

  3. Very true, very lucky with birding last week, it would have been heartbreaking if it had been last week!

  4. Penny, didn't know you were injured! If you want to go birding and I'm not at work then just say. Couldn't have you going birdless. Get well soon. Jim

  5. Thanks Jim! Can't walk very far anyway at the moment. Hopefully I will be back in the car before the megas hit our shores!