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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Rose-coloured Starling at Weybourne & The East Bank, Cley NWT!

 Sunset from the East Bank, Cley NWT

It was a beautiful sunny day whilst at work, so I decided it would be great to watch the Rose-coloured Starling at Weybourne in the evening sunshine. I can't remember what time I got there exactly, but when I arrived there were no birders and I wasn't quite sure where I should be looking, so phoned both Pete S. and then Julian B for exact location. Julian had me in absolute stitches over a story, but don't think I dare write it on here – if he gives me permission I will. Anyway, so I found the section of feeder I could see over the fence, but no sign of the Rose-coloured Starling. A very helpful young girl called Louise pointed out to where she had seen it earlier. She waited with me and assured me I would see it. I pointed out a Great Spotted Woodpecker to her and a Goldfinch which she was very excited about (she was borrowing her 'dad's' binoculars). A bit later on Louise's father came out and said they have Rose-coloured Starlings here every year, include one that was there in the winter!
The home-made feeder where the Rose-coloured Starling was!

Suddenly my pager bleeps up with 'PALLAS'S GRASSHOPPER WARBLER 'Probable'
Reported Cley NWT flew from area with no general access east of Arnold's Marsh briefly.

I continue to wait for the Rose-coloured Starling, but it had obviously gone to roost, bother, bother bother!!! I don't often dip birds, but suppose it has to happen sometimes. I then found the car heading towards the East Bank at Cley, just to be near the presence of the MEGA 'probable' Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler – yep madness, complete and utter madness! I strolled along the East Bank is the now semi-dusk. The new scrapes/pools just west of the path, look absolutely cracking! I really fancied a walk, so carried on to the beach, listened to the sea, photographed the sunset and then returned to my car in the dark – heard a heron, but nothing else at this time of the night!
The NEW Scrapes, just west of the East Bank, Cley NWT!

Sunset from the East Bank at 8.20pm, Cley NWT.

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