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Thursday, 4 September 2014

MEGA!!! SHORT-TOED EAGLE in Norfolk!!!

Not now though!!! Or is it? and if so WHERE is it?

Message on RBA Pager this evening reads
"SHORT-TOED EAGLE on 17th August
Grime's Graves (for 30th day)"

That's the only info we all have at the moment, I'm sure the whole story will come out, but.....

How can a SHORT-TOED EAGLE be in Norfolk for 30 days and the news of it only just come out?!!!!! There will be alot of p*ssed off Norfolk Birders (and beyond) this evening!!! Blood Pressure will be sky high!!!

19th July to 16th August - dates just come out.......

A friend on facebook who knows of the observers said they "...feared of a mass twitch apparently and trouble in the forest........"

Too right there would have been a mass twitch – a humongous mass of twitchers, birders young and old, excited, smiling and very very happy! Why did they bother telling anyone at all then, that's what I want to know?

Also via same friend on FB "the news is only out now because the record has been submitted."  

Friday Update – some of many comments on Twitter

"it's a genuine record, just come to light now bird has departed. Seen by 5 observers. Submitted to bbrc."

"reason given heard horror stories from Sussex. Totally misguided & out of touch with birding scene. Selfish" 

I wrote on Twitter this evening "Next time someone finds a STE, can they please put the news out a few minutes later, not hours later, not days later, not a month later!!!"

John Furse wrote a brilliantly amusing piece on BF HERE!
Discussion HERE

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