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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Survival at Home!

I have had several kind offers of help for food shopping, but I need a big shop and you can't really ask anyone else to do that, so today I joined Tescos on-line grocery shopping. It took a while to set up but as soon as you have added all your items, you can save it all to your favourites, so its quicker next time. So far I am very impressed with this service and the good thing about it is, that if you have felt you have spent too much, you just remove stuff from the shopping basket. I had a £15 voucher off for first time use aswell! It only costs a pound to deliver at certain time slots and tomorrow I have a delivery of shopping to my door! I hate food shopping with a passion and think I will continue this service once I get mobile again.

Spent time editing pictures today, with ankle raised on bag of peas (every so often) – need a big bag of ice really, but will have to make do with peas. I had a job to get the wheelie bins back in this evening with crutches, it took forever! Ankle still swollen and bruising coming out. Feels really cold in my house today, but I refuse to put the heating on yet!

There are so many things I'm having to cancel because of my injury – unbelievable how much is affected because I can't walk and drive. This is the fifth time I have injured my left ankle....the first time I fractured it, falling down a tree house when I was around 10 years old, the second time was from dancing at a club in Great Yarmouth and pulled all the ligaments, the third time was the same injury and again through dancing at a 40th birthday party on grass in a marquee and drinking too much! The fourth time was when I lived in Colchester and stepped outside the backdoor onto the edge of a thick coir mat and ankle crunched sideways and again pulled all the ligaments – I remember falling to the floor in agony and had to crawl to the phone – my husband told me he was too busy to help me (said alot for my marriage at the time!) so phoned my best friend and work colleague Lorraine who immediately came out and took me to A&E. So..... this is the fifth time and hopefully the last, but have a feeling that it will always be a problem!


  1. Oh dear Penny, what bad luck. These things take ages to heal up as well, so do be careful with it over the next few months. I couldn't do without online grocery shopping, it saves so much time and petrol money, I'm surprised it has taken you this long. I used to use Tesco but I use ASDA now as theyr'e even cheaper ... perhaps you'll get a first time user discount off them too!

  2. Hi Sue! I got a £15 discount and it was delivered on time and everything there, very pleased, will continue with this service! Thanks!