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Friday, 26 September 2014

The Weekend!

This is sooooo frustrating, being stuck in this house, I feel imprisoned! Knowing that I can't drive, is torture. Ankle is hurting more today – fed-up.

My sister Vivien rang me this evening to say she jumped up out of her seat at work today when she saw an unusual bird outside – she described it as greyish, with obvious black splodges/marks on the chest and was smaller than a Collared Dove?! Birds I suggested were Mistle Thrush, Fieldfare..... talked to her on phone and then when looking in book she said 'White's Thrush maybe?' Hmmmm...... she then said cuckoo had the nearest chest pattern (she only watched the bird from side on). I explained it would be unlikely to be cuckoo and her reply 'it could be lost' – made me chuckle, but well ok maybe it was! Other birds I suggested were Sparrowhawk, Red-backed Shrike 1w and Barred Warbler. She seemed pretty sure it was none of these. I gave up after that! The bird was on the ground and then flew up to a metal post and then flew off and away into the distance. I hate not knowing what something was – oh well.

Blimey, I've had 2,789 views of my blog today! Must be because of my picture links yesterday.
Saturday: South West winds. Warm with some bright or sunny spells, but with variable amounts of cloud, the cloud perhaps thick enough to give the odd spot of light rain or drizzle.

Sunday: South East winds. Pleasantly warm for the time of year with bright or sunny spells after the clearance of any early mist or fog.

High Tides – King's Lynn Docks
Saturday: 8.50am and 21.10
Sunday: 9.22am and 21.42
Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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