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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Update!

I just knew there would be a good bird whilst I was at work today! Ok, so I have seen a Western Bonelli's Warbler in Norfolk before, but would have been quite happy to see another! Maybe it wasn't a good idea booking a double shift today, good for my bank balance though!

So, I have tomorrow off – yippee!!! It can't be any worse than yesterday, so I will remain hopeful. I am not going to start off at Kelling in the morning, as I know what will happen – I will end up standing for there for hours seeing nothing, so I'm off to find my own birds tomorrow morning. If the Western Bonelli's Warbler appears again later, then hopefully I will get the chance to see it. Some fabulous pictures of this bird by John Miller HERE

I have been racing round all day, eleven hours at work and then when I got home at 9.10pm, got washing in off line and hung up, washed up, made sandwiches, more washing up, phoned parents, quick birdy texts, got flasks ready, shower, washed hair, write bird news up on blog, phew! All you male birders (whose wives are not birders) don't have to do ALL of these chores as well! People generally seem to think people who live alone have an easy time of it, but WE don't – you are a complete 'one-man band'. What I would give for someone to place a meal in front of me for a change – get tired of looking after me! It would be really great for someone to look after me, so I could just go birding!!! Not a lady who 'lunches'..... a bird that 'birds'!!!

Oh and HOT NEWS........climbed up the charts to No. 16 in the Fatbirder Birding Top 1000!!! My highest ranking yet, thanks everyone for your continued support, much appreciated.

Now for SLEEP!

Tomorrow is going to be MY BIG bird day!!!

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