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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Covid-19 – Day 10!!!

So, last night I took a Zopiclone 3.75mg tablet, which did not work how I hoped it would at all. It settled me, but I struggled to get to sleep for several hours, to the point where out of desperation I had 5mls of Oramorph!!! This worked and I got a few hours sleep!

Contacted my surgery for the doctor to send me a message via their email system, but she kindly phoned me back with a reply to my query "can I take two of these tablets?". She told me I could take two tablets if I needed to.

My temperature was 38C this morning and I felt rough. I felt sleepy all day and managed to have several naps. Late afternoon my lower back became painful again and was sore to touch – took paracetamol and this improved. I don't understand why my temperature fluctuates so much?! Then a while later I felt really chilly, something I don't feel normally!

I phoned Occupational Health at work this afternoon, to ask them some questions and advice and was shocked to hear that someone they know has been suffering with their temperature going up and down since their Covid diagnosis in April 2020!!!! OH told me to contact my GP if my temperature continued to go up.

Everything has been a huge effort today of what little I have done. Did some marching up and down the path late afternoon and managed to wash my hair. Made a vege sausage sandwich for tea and that was about it. Vivien and Ray sent me a lovely get well card, which I initially thought was an early birthday card.

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